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Decisions Decisions

So I am stuck in this in between place and I am not sure what to do. The other day my boss (the new lady) came up to me and told me something that shocked the hell out of me. First she comes up and is like..."So can you explain the hiring process to me?" And, I was like...ummmm sure. Then she was like..."I am trying to get someone hired and I need your help." So I'm like, alright. Then I ask who she was hiring and for what, and she tells me that she is hiring a DA. At this point I am insulted and in complete shock wondering why she didnt even bother to ask the fricken desk manager if this was kosher! Well boys and girls I decided to play Ms. Nice Girl and went along with it. So what does this mean, I have no say...or that I am not important to her. Well its now time to get her in check. First off I know more about this place than she ever will! I love my staff because I picked it! Who does she think she is? Ok, well she is my boss, but damn! Then she goes on to tell me that this new DA is a family friend. So I am like, just fuckin great! She has stepped on the wrong toes this time! So this leads to my point of this posting. I have decided to leave Craig Hall after the end of this semester. I might, and that is a big might, come back for next term. If another job pops up this summer that treats me better...then soyanara! I just wanted you all to know what was going on. I still have a large say in summer help, so for those of you DA's staying on please stick with the assignment I gave you on Friday. I was so mad at her after she told me the new employee thing that I immediately told her that I was leaving this summer for a better job and that I wasn't sure about next year. She acted shocked, and I hope she feels the LOSS big time! I can't wait to type my letter of resignation! Anywhoo, I want to ask that those of you on my staff reading this please hang in there for the rest of the term. Don't ease up and goof around at work, the end will be the most important! I don't know if my leaving this job affects your decisions to stay on or not...but you all should know what is up. I hope that those of you on my staff have enjoyed working for me. I hope everyone enjoyed thier Easter!
Lots of Love :)
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