ladystryke (ladystryke) wrote in craig_hall,

Irritation, A Show and Cuteness

Okay, I've only been here 30 minutes out of an 8 shift and already one resident has maxed me out on annoyance and yet another is putting on a show in front of me.

The one resident, I don't know his name, keeps wanting me to open the door for him because he doesn't have his keys....wrong DA for that. I let him in once and decided to be nice, then he comes back again about 5 minutes later with his little girlfriend and was pissed because I had to check his dumb ass right in front of her. So he had a little attitude and so did she, but they were even more pissed when Laurence wouldn't let them by...I guess they got guest priveledges revoked. So he stormed out of here with her banging the door against the glass he's really not getting let in again. Not that I would have let him in again in the first place.

Now, there is this little blond girl who is way intoxicated, I don't know if she's a resident or not, but she's all over this cute little Japanese boy and the Japanese boy is drunk too. He was kinda scared at first because she just grabbed his arm and threw him on the couch, but now they're making all nicey, nicey. The little boy looks like a skater type with long hair, but japanese cute! And I refer to the boy as "little" because he is. He's physically small and very slight, the girl may very well outweigh him, but she's little too. They are very cute and obviously enjoying each other's company. Now this is the thing I don't mind seeing, just as long as they behave themselves or else I'll have to give them the old boot. I don't think he's a resident either, I've never seen these two before, but maybe they are friends of friends. They are looking at the pictures in each other's wallet......*sigh* It's just so damn cute I'm about to barf.
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