ladystryke (ladystryke) wrote in craig_hall,

I hate...

You know, working at the desk can sometimes be cool. Now is not one of those times. I hate this 12a-4a shift on Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm exhausted. I worked all day, had to bake stupid cakes for the stupid international festival and then come here. I am not happy right now. I hate everything. I hate everybody except Jared. Well, Jake Smith passed by and was singing and that was kinda funny. It brightened up my evening a little.

I've got exzema on my hands from over exposure to water. My hands are in the water all day in Central Supply in the clinic and they have me working Central alot so my hands cannot heal properly. I haven't had exzema since I was little. It hurts and looks ugly.

The sound of Laurence's voice is irritating me and I pray he doesn't come talk to me or else I'll have to be mean and I don't wanna do that.

I don't want to sleep my Sunday away, but it might happen because I'm not going to be able to sleep until Sunday Morning. I hate work. I'm losing my memory because I can't even remember Tarra's damn cell phone number and it's been the same for like 2 years.

And now I've really fucked up. There was a boy trying to have me let him into the front doors and I wasn't having it. I told him to get to stepping if he didn't have a meal card or keys. Well it turns out that the boy and his dad were actually staying here for a tour tomorrow. Yikes! I was hella mean to him too, I basically told him to beat it. Oh well, there goes any hope of me working desk hours during the summer.
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